Maneky Groupe: Meeting with Manuel Ouloto, President of Maneky Groupe, a cooperative agricultural company focused on production in Ivory Coast

Boubacar Diallo

MANEKY GROUPE is an Ivorian company engaged in the promotion of local products and in some agricultural development projects. The group is also promoting a value-added “citizens” food label through its “Trésor De Nos Traditions” brand. Tiédé Manuel OULOTO has found a place in the local chocolate processing industry in Côte d’Ivoire. Combining agriculture with cocoa culture and focusing on an inclusive development approach, it offers a win-win offer between producers and industrial chocolatiers.


Please introduce yourself to the readers!

I am Tiédé Manuel Ouloto, Ivorian economic operator. After about ten years on the side of France I decided to invest in the local processing of export products that are cocoa and cashew nuts and other food products. Since 2015, I created the company Maneky Group which contains within it 4 structures in various fields.

What is the vision and mission of Maneky Group through its brand Treasure of our traditions?

You should know that Maneky group has its own label which is Treasure of our traditions. Treasure of our traditions as the name suggests; it’s about bringing out the products of our rich agricultural heritage and that’s what we’ve set ourselves as a mission. In the short term, we want Côte d’Ivoire to achieve at least 50% local processing of its products and in the long term, we plan to set up a training center for artisan crafts chocolate makers.


How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the Trésor de nos traditions label?

We needed to highlight the rich agricultural heritage of our country. That’s where our inspiration came from (laughs)


What are the issues solved through Maneky Group?

We are not going to talk about problem solving, but we are bringing added value to the sector, namely reducing the arduousness of work in the fields by granting harvesting gear. We also make a point of honor on the empowerment of women who intervene in our process. We also take into account the environmental aspect by combining cocoa culture with beekeeping. It is therefore an organic agriculture that we advocate. You should know that Treasure products of our traditions are a range of fresh and healthy products, good for your health. We rely heavily on the quality of our products. This is also our pride.

What are the next steps ?

We plan to set up a chocolate training center


What are the contacts of the company?



Facebook: Treasures Of Our Traditions

Tel: +22501081699 / +22522428080

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