A mobile application to boost trade between East African countries

Boubacar Diallo

Strengthening cross-border trade in East Africa is a priority objective in the sub-region. To achieve this, East African Community member countries are considering the deployment of a mobile application that will provide access to the necessary market information in real time.

The member countries of the East African Community (EAC) plan to launch a mobile platform in the near future with the aim of strengthening cross-border trade. The information was released late last week by Kenyan authorities who explained that this mobile application is currently in its pilot phase. According to Alice Yalla, director of social affairs at the Kenyan EAC Ministry, cited by Xinhua, this new instrument will provide businessmen with real-time information on trading and market prices. small traders at border posts.

“This mobile application is being tested by a pilot project on the Kenyan-Ugandan border. We will use the experience gained to deploy it to all border posts of the six members of the East African Community, “said the Kenyan official on the sidelines of the East Africa Business Women’s Platform Conference  (EAWIBP).

According to her, the new digital platform will make it easier for traders to gain the necessary information and knowledge of the rules and procedures that govern trade in the area.

Indeed, according to Mrs Yalla, the activities of small traders at border posts represent a very important part of cross-border trade in the sub-region. “However, for lack of information, these small traders are often exploited by intermediaries. Our hope is that this mobile application will increase the transparency of negotiated commodity prices in the region, “said the manager.

Alice Yalla pointed out that internal trade currently accounts for 49% of EAC trade.

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