African Tech scene is booming! This continent of 1.3 billion inhabitants, including 370 million Internet users, is a hotbed of innovation (mobile payment, EdTech, AgriTech etc.). Discover the companies and technologies that drive Africa’s growth, and take advantage of business opportunities. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.


Africa is famous for its famine and food security problems. But it is much less so for its innovation in agriculture. It must be remedied. Everyone knows the issues related to agribusiness in Africa. But much less know the initiatives of the different African countries to fight against the difficulties of agriculture and supply of food of the most fragile populations. How, for example, in Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Senegal or Ghana, among others.

AfrikaTech tries to regroup all the initiatives on the economic activities related to the agricultural sector (agribusiness) in the industrial, commercial and financial sectors: upstream inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, machines), farmers; downstream processing industries and the marketing of agricultural products.

The objective is to support and highlight entrepreneurs and startups who are fighting on a daily basis on African soil to build the agriculture and food sector of tomorrow, on the continent. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.


Economy: News and information related to the economic domain in Africa. This is one of the first questions of the African diaspora: how to develop the economy of his country and his continent?


Everyone looks at the GDP of African countries to anticipate developments, understand the issues and try to improve the condition of the many countries of the continent. The economy is of course closely linked with politics, with power. But it is based on the businesses of each, on a daily basis.


We must make sure to highlight the good and the bad around the African continent. That’s why with Afrikatech, I try to answer the question and share the economic news of the continent’s payroll. But not only. My goal is to define what are the economic prospects and how to go in the right direction.


For this, entrepreneurship and investment are two essential pillars. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.


The education of the African continent is one of the major priorities. Perhaps priority number 1. Educational systems are all different and do not evolve at the same speed. The enrollment rate in some countries is particularly low. How to fight against this and improve the level of the continent?

Training and new technologies are at the center of attention and debate on the continent. States and entrepreneurs invent every day to improve the conditions of education. Their goal is to train and educate the different populations of Africa. This in order to propose work and to go further towards the economic development of African countries.

My goal with AfrikaTech is to highlight initiatives related to education, schooling, employment in Africa. I wish to bring together articles that open the mind to what could be the educational system, the schools of tomorrow, the training centers of the continent. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.


Energy is a major issue for Africa. Whether on green energy and renewable energy: solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, wind, etc. Africa needs to reinvent itself to become energetically independent and potentially innovative in these sectors.

Many projects exist in different African countries and are funded. Afrikatech’s mission is to highlight these projects, and to inform you about issues related to the energy sector in Africa.

Between topics, articles and interview, you will find in this category all the elements to keep you informed about Energy in Africa.

Every day, we will introduce startups, entrepreneurs, innovators in the African energy sector. AfrikaTech’s mission is to rebrand the image of an innovative and challenging Africa. This sector is one of the cornerstones of this innovation and one of the nerve centers of the challenges facing our continent. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.


For decades, Africa has faced many endemic diseases: yellow fever, malaria, trypanosomiasis and infrastructure quality problems, lack of medical staff, difficulty in delivering drugs …. This affects considerably and sustainably the health of millions of Africans.


Despite very encouraging growth, the African continent still faces the fragile health of the entire population. To overcome the inadequacy of health systems, more and more digital initiatives to fight against recurrent infections and diseases are gradually emerging.


AfrikaTech’s goal is to highlight health-related initiatives in Africa. I want to bring together articles that open the mind to what tomorrow’s health system may be. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.

Start a business

Africa is known for its immense natural resources: 97% of world copper reserves, 80% of those of coltan, 57% of gold, 23% of uranium and phosphate, 60% of those However, one rarely quotes his greatest wealth: his youth and his thirst to start a business. In fact, young people under 25 represent more than 50% of the continent’s 1.3 billion inhabitants.

With the arrival of information and communication technologies (mobile, Internet, social networks) and success stories of young entrepreneurs, we are witnessing a new revolution, that of entrepreneurship.

AfrikaTech tries to gather all information and initiatives to undertake in Africa, Europe and North America. Advice on entrepreneurship, business ideas, search for financing, franchise development, legal aspects, where to find incubators, spaces for co-workings. To enable entrepreneurs to seize business opportunities in all areas: Agriculture, Health, Education, Energy, Industry, Real Estate, Telecom, Transport, Tourism. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.