For decades, Africa has faced many endemic diseases: yellow fever, malaria, trypanosomiasis and infrastructure quality problems, lack of medical staff, difficulty in delivering drugs …. This affects considerably and sustainably the health of millions of Africans.


Despite very encouraging growth, the African continent still faces the fragile health of the entire population. To overcome the inadequacy of health systems, more and more digital initiatives to fight against recurrent infections and diseases are gradually emerging.


AfrikaTech’s goal is to highlight health-related initiatives in Africa. I want to bring together articles that open the mind to what tomorrow’s health system may be. The Africa of tomorrow is being built today, together.

REMA : Save lives with E-Health

Founded by Sedric Degbo, REMA is an Ivorian startup that aims to improve the quality of medical decisions by connecting all African doctors through a mobile app that allows them to publish, discuss, resolve pat...

5 African e-courier startups to watch

Last mile logistics and delivery are the bane of many a business across Africa.  And so in true form, the continent’s tech entrepreneurs are solving the problem, increasingly making courier and delivery service...