Congo Brazza: The digital industry at the heart of Osiane 2018

Boubacar Diallo

In the Republic of Congo, the International Trade Fair for Information Technology and Innovation (Osiane), organized by the Practic Association, is announced in Brazzaville from April 17 to 20, 2017. This year the event will be held under the theme “Economic Development and the Challenge of the Industry of the Future” will once again build on the digital industry in Africa.

The opportunity to address the main challenges that hinder the development of the African digital industry. Among them, the popularization of access to the Internet at a reasonable price and better collaboration between actors on the African scale.

According to the Adiac agency that reveals the information, Osiane 2018 will set up a platform for exchanges between the private sector, civil society and public administration in order to define various coordinated development axes. The exhibition aims to serve as a springboard for initiating tracks to help decision-makers and actors in the transformation of the traditional economy into a modern, diversified and inclusive economy, based on ICT.

Among the articulations announced, eleven round tables, five workshops, three trainings, but also exhibitions, media forums, conventions, digital activities and training. In terms of forecasts, more than 2,500 visitors from several nationalities are expected, for this edition under the patronage of the Prime Minister, head of government.

Ecrit par TIC Mag

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