Hackathon: Finding Solutions to the Underbanking of the Informal Sector in Africa

Boubacar Diallo

Saturday, April 14 will be held in Paris the event “Hackathon X” Hackfrica. Under the theme of “Sub-bancarisation of the informal sector in Africa” this event aims to highlight this problem and allow teams of students to develop a solution.


What is a Hackathon?

Contrary to “hack” and “marathon”, a hackathon is an event in which teams, made up of developers, designers and project managers, must develop a digital solution to a given problem. They must design their software or application for a limited and short period (a day, a night, a weekend).

The goal is to quickly code something clever – the “hack”, and develop this project intensively, without stopping – the marathon.

Our hackaton: A general theme, many possibilities

Our hackaton in April 2018 will focus on the subbanking of the informal sector in Africa. It is a global theme, which allows participants to specialize on a variety of specific topics and to differentiate their projects.

How will teams be formed? Why bring together students from different backgrounds?

We believe in the virtues of multidisciplinarity. If the event is aimed at higher education students, this is the only pre-requisite for the composition of the teams. With the exception of the necessary presence of developers, we hope for a certain mix of skills. Students from law, commerce, engineering or design will be present.

On Friday evening, an after work will be organized to thank our partners and to unveil the subject. This evening will be an opportunity for the participants to train their teams, although they are authorized and even encouraged to set up these teams before the event.

Which jury, for which awards?

The jury will consist of personalities with different profiles, all related to the continent. They have worked, lived, and have a strong professional competence on the subject chosen.

The team that wins the first place will be able to benefit, subject to an oral interview, six months of incubation in the incubator The school lab. A special prize will also be awarded on behalf of the Bond’innov incubator, for a limited time incubation. The incubator will finally offer a “right-hand” internship offer with the best talent, which will be able to engage in several companies. Other prizes are also planned.

What does the pack for 20 euros you offer?

As a non-profit organization, these participation fees cover certain aspects of the event. For this price, all meals (breakfast, breakfast and dinner) are served from Saturday morning to Sunday lunch, as well as the Friday night snack. Our goal is to allow the participants to devote themselves fully to their project.

Find more information about the event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2039831566295936/

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