Simplon inclusive school network joins forces with MEAE to open a school in Côte d’Ivoire

Boubacar Diallo

How to help young people and especially women to learn digital skills in Africa? Can we mobilize researchers and IT developers to solve the challenges of our planet? These are the challenges of the partnership between Simplon and the MEAE, to make digital a real development tool.

This cooperation is in line with the departmental strategies Innovate Together and Development Plan and digital that propose to mobilize new actors and means to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Thus, for the first time, MEAE joined a social enterprise, Simplon, to set up a global project on digital technology for inclusive growth. A network of 42 digital and inclusive code schools in France and internationally, Simplon has trained more than 2,200 people who have been out of the job or underrepresented in the sector since 2013.

With five years of experience in the field of digital training, Simplon wishes to put its expertise at the service of the MEAE to respond to the challenges of digital transformation in developing countries via three main projects:

1. First part of this partnership, the seminar “IA LAB ODD” organized on June 18 at Liberté Living Lab (Paris). 15 experts from the digital sector, social innovation and international development gathered to put into perspective the issues related to
artificial intelligence in the fields of health, environment, access to education and parity in machine learning professions.
2. Then, a “Hackathon”
will bring together researchers and IT developers to work on the issues of inclusion and connectivity in developing countries, real development issues identified at the IA LAB ODD seminar.
3.Finally, third part of the partnership, the opening of an inclusive school in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
to train over two years 60 young Ivorians from disadvantaged backgrounds, 50% of whom are women,
digital professions. The training will be based on the active pedagogy of Simplon. The aim will be to enable these young people to find a lasting position either through paid employment or
entrepreneurship in a complementary approach with the Ivorian digital ecosystem.

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