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Paris, France, January 5 / Dakar will host the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Funding Conference on February 1-2, 2018. “The Global Partnership for Education has made substantial investments in education, helping and 72 million more children to go to primary school since 2002, including Senegal, “said Macky Sall, President of Senegal. “We are honored to host the upcoming GPE Funding Conference in Dakar, and we look forward to continuing our close collaboration with GPE. ”

For the first time, a donor country and a beneficiary country will sponsor this conference together. “I call on the international community to join us in February 2018 in Dakar for the Financing Conference of the Global Partnership for Education, which France will co-chair with Senegal,” President Emmanuel told the UN headquarters. Macron, September 20th.

Education is a vital issue for Africa. By 2050, nearly 400 million Africans will need to be trained and effectively integrated into the labor market. The challenge is considerable and many opportunities are to be seized.

CIO Mag joins the European Ministry and Foreign Affairs of France, the Directorate General of Enterprises (DGE) and the Senegalese authorities to organize on February 3, IT Forum Senegal 2018. For this day dedicated to digital, the focus will be on E-Education.

The objectives are multiple. It is above all to highlight the solutions provided by startups and companies who wish to transform learning by digital but also to emerge new practices, while decrypting the needs of market players in Africa, the world. school to the company. “It’s all the meaning of this day that will bring together academics, students, digital services companies, startups, project leaders in digital education, policies so that together we can discuss the technological challenges facing education stakeholders to produce tools adapted to their needs “, explains Mohamadou DIALLO, of the organizing committee of this day.

Indeed, the digital transformation of education has become a reality, and Africa intends to draw inspiration from it to fill several gaps. Today, experts recognize that more than 30% of students who enroll in MOOCs reside in Africa. However, far from the phenomena of fashion, this upheaval generated by the digital is not without questions by the fact that it highlights the gap that sometimes exists between new technologies and reality on the ground.

From learning to skills

In addition to the challenges of learning, the other issue of this day is digital skills management. It is also a major challenge given the scarcity and increasing demand for new talent in the digital world. It will answer questions, how to train, retain and motivate employees?

In partnership with the DSI Club, HR managers, answers will be provided to demonstrate how Africa can cope with the gap in the training of engineers (Data scientist, Data analyst, experts in cybersecurity, etc.). “Africa is a mere 100,000 digital engineers. It takes 5 times more without multiplying by 5 the resources of staff, infrastructure. This bet can be met with digital, “according to the conclusions of the Assises of Digital Transformation in Africa held in Paris last October.

In order to stimulate vocations, a hackathon will be organized to promote the partnership between startups and universities / colleges through the development of application projects dedicated to education.

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