AITEX Expo: Africa in the digital age

Boubacar Diallo

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy, APEBI will organize the 3rd edition of AFRICA EXPO (AITEX) in Rabat from October 4th to 5th. The Moroccan Agency for Investment and Export Development (AMDIE) will also be part of the institutional partners.

“What digital for Africa of the future? Is the theme chosen for this year’s edition. New technologies represent a vector of development for Africa, a major economic issue. They also strengthen the ability of African youth to innovate.

The Africa IT EXPO, the flagship annual event for IT in Morocco, will allow all stakeholders on the continent and elsewhere to discuss the latest innovations in the sector and their economic and societal impact. About 1000 participants are expected, both national and international, representing about 15 countries.

Morocco, like many other countries on the continent, has implemented a strategic plan for the development of the digital economy (Digital Morocco 2020) which aims to make innovation an essential pillar of the national economy. and bring out startups and young people with projects.

As usual, AITEX 2018 will offer a program of conferences, exchanges, practical explorations and prospective analysis aimed at mobilizing all stakeholders to support and promote innovation and effective and sustainable support for ecosystems. innovation in Africa.

AITEX aims, among other things, to position the forum as an IT showcase for the continent, strengthen South-South and North-South exchanges, program high-level conferences led by renowned guest speakers, present the latest innovations and promote solutions, products and services, as well as citizen services and e.Gov platforms.

It will address the themes of “smart territories in the service of Africa”, presented as the “continent forerunner of sustainable digital”, and will review the trends, innovations and challenges of IT in Africa.

Rwanda and Benin, the countries of honor

Rwanda and Benin are the two countries in the spotlight during this 3rd. edition These two African countries are experiencing a significant development of their IT sector in recent years.

In East Africa, Rwanda has worked hard to develop its IT sector, which is now one of the most dynamic in the East African region. Benin, a country in West Africa, has initiated several strategies that have enabled the emergence of its IT sector and accelerated innovation. plenary conferences, an “experiential” village, a showcase of global technologies, BtoB meetings, and side events, especially around digital art.


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