Senegal: Three 484 MW plants with total capacity will be built in the Thiès region

Boubacar Diallo

Three power plants with a combined capacity of 484 MW will soon be located in the Thiès region. These are the 25 MW Dias solar power plant, the 159 MW Taïba Ndiaye wind farm and the 300 MW Mboro coal plant.

It is Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne, the Senegalese Prime Minister, who revealed this information according to Sud Quotidien, during the inauguration of the solar power plant Ten Merina, a capacity of 30 MW. The infrastructure has also been renamed and is now called the solar plant Cheikh Anta Diop.

“The solar plant Cheikh Anta Diop which is an innovative and revolutionary project now occupies a prominent place in the development of the energy mix in Senegal, allowing our government to significantly exceed the 20% of renewable energy production in the energy mix park. “, welcomed Karim Ndiaye, the director of the plant, at its inauguration.


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