Cameroon: An app to facilitate the link between patients and blood donors

Boubacar Diallo

Four young Cameroonian women have developed an application that links patients and potential blood donors.

Aged between 13 and 14 years old and enrolled in the fourth grade at Quality International School in Yaounde, their names are Queenie Gold Ekinde Mekolle Muke, Rose Diella Tikum Ngo Sii, Julienne Daphne Tchouenmegne Ngomegni and Joyce Lesley Forkou Djuiko.

Called “Hemo” (from the word “Hemoglobin”), this application is accessible online and on an Android phone, where it is presented as a simple page that includes a field to register as a blood donor and another to register as a person looking for a blood donor.

Thus, the patient who needs blood can come into direct contact with the donor potential, thanks to his telephone contact.

“It has been found that many people die in Cameroon because of a defect in blood transfusion. They need blood, but they can not find it. Especially those with very rare blood groups, such as B- or O- “, explains Julienne Daphne Tchuoenmegne Ngomegni, one of the developers of” Hémo “, who speaks on behalf of the group.

“So we created this application to connect blood donors to those who need it. Thus, the donors who will register on our application will be open to all, “says the teenager.

A little over a month after the launch of the application, several people have already registered as blood donors. Among them, Lise Kamguem Nono, who was motivated by personal experience.

“I had a sick friend and at the hospital we were asked to bring people to donate blood to replace the three blood bags that were to be used on the patient,” she recalls.

“Having searched all day without finding a donor, we went back to the blood bank of the hospital to resolve to buy a pocket at 30,000 FCFA instead of 18,000 FCFA if we had provided a donor for each pocket,” says Lise Kamguem.

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