Samatar Abdi Osman, the “Mr. Tech” of Djibouti

Boubacar Diallo

Djibouti eyeing the 4th economic revolution and Samatar Abdi Osman intends to be the head of this train. It is from now on in the sector of ICT that it marks Djibouti of its footprint.

This 37-year-old man with two children has no time to lose. “Djibouti must be at the forefront of ICT and we must work hard,” he likes to repeat to anyone who wants to hear it. This recent graduate of a program in partnership with Sciences Po Paris and the AfricaFrance Foundation did not hesitate to focus on entrepreneurship. “I created a startup incubator, the CTID. It is an incubator that must support project leaders with a strong social impact, “he describes. Samatar Abdi Osman has a specific goal in mind: “The Indian and Chinese markets have been stormed in all sectors. And the cost of their labor will be as high. That’s why it’s important for Djibouti to seize opportunities, “he tells us.

Located in the Horn of Africa a few thousand kilometers from the Indian coasts, Djibouti occupies a strategic place in telecommunications. “Djibouti has become the nerve center of telecommunications between Asia and Africa. We are concentrating all the digital and subsea interconnections at these two shores, “he says. It is this strategic location linked at the same time to a desperate need for entrepreneurs to support their projects that led Samatar Abdi Osman to create this incubator.

Focus on IT

Samatar Abdi Osman wants to create a cluster dedicated to computing because the demand is glaring. “In a few years, we want to bring multinationals from the sector but we have to train these young people in a limited time,” he says. Thanks to the “Djibouti IT Talent” program, Samatar Abdi Osman hopes to train 1,000 young people by 2025 in computer development professions in partnership with Amadou Daffe, founder of Gebeya, a technological institute based in Ethiopia.

Through this initiative, Djibouti hopes to become a home port for large multinationals in the sector. “During my speech, I emphasized the need to develop ICTs everywhere in Africa because these communication systems will be a key part of our development,” said Samatar Abdi Osman.

In addition to his computer activities, Samatar Abdi Osman thinks big. Inspired by the Rwandan show Face the Gorillas co-produced by K-lab, he intends to co-produce a TV show model dedicated to entrepreneurship. The discussions are still ongoing and he does not intend to sell the wick right away. “The destinies are always built under the shelter of the baobabs,” he says. A strategy that seems to bear fruit in view of the path already taken.



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