Burkina Faso: Government imposes woven loincloth as “official dress”

Boubacar Diallo

Burkina Faso invites its people to reconnect with tradition. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts the government made “Faso Dan Fani” (the woven loincloth), the official holding of all ceremonies.

“The Government of Burkina Faso, in the context of the promotion of cultural identity encourages the wearing of Faso Dan Fani (FDF) during official ceremonies or events of national stature,” the statement said.

The Burkinabè whatever the sector of activity, should now replace the imported costumes against the clothes made with the FDF for official occasions.

On other occasions the festivities marking the independence of Burkina: the SIAO; International Women’s Day; the national women’s forum; FESPACO; CNS; JNP; the SITHO; agro-sylvo pastoral fairs etc.

Indeed, the majority of African populations wear the European dress code as usual on every official occasion.

The Burkinabè government under Roch Kaboré, is illustrated by putting forward the tradition. The reactions are very positive on the social networks since the official release of the said press release.

Internet users welcome this initiative and even propose to extend it in other sectors while working on the modernization of the loincloth.

The statement also states that the state’s controls on Faso Dan Fani will be the subject of a framework agreement between the state structures and the Chamber of Craft Trades of Burkina Faso (CMA-BF).

Prime Minister Paul Kaba Thiéba on November 29th signed decree 2017-057 PM / CAB promoting and promoting Faso Dan Fani.

The Faso dan dani literally translates the “woven loincloth of the homeland”. It is the story of a woven textile that is the pride of Burkinabe craftsmanship.


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