Facebook inaugurates first-ever Africa-based technology center in Nigeria

Boubacar Diallo

The US company Facebook, in partnership with CCHub, inaugurated its first ever technology center in Africa on May 23, 2018. The infrastructure based in Montgomery Road in Yaba, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria, is named NG_Hub from Facebook . It will provide software developers, technology entrepreneurs and students with the means to develop their advanced technology skills, including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and more. It’s 50,000 people targeted.


The technology center is one of the benefits of Facebook’s Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s visit in August 2016. During his trip, the head of the social platform was able to experience the dynamism of the local ICT ecosystem. . According to Ebele Okobi, Facebook’s director of public policy for Africa, Nigeria’s choice to host this investment is justified by the country’s strategic position as the leading business destination on the continent. Emeka Afigbo, director of Facebook’s Developers Program, said the center would also provide opportunities for business creation and development.

Bosun Tijani, co-founder of CCHub, said, “The next 10 years will be great for the country, because of the enormous development that will follow … Today, there is another level of development. Technology gives us the ability to build new solutions for the country, technology has supported several industries, even governments over the past 20 years. ”

Agence Ecofin

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