How to choose in which African country to return?

Boubacar Diallo

When you, as a member of the African diaspora, make the decision to return permanently to Africa, the choice of the country to be preferred is essential. Should one opt for one’s country of origin or another country? Different questions need to be measured to choose the country that suits you best. To make the right choice for your new country of residence, it is essential to take the time to reflect in order to optimize your success in Africa. We invite you to discover some aspects to take into account to help you in your reflection.

The linguistic aspect
Depending on your educational, professional and educational background, the problem of the language of the country in which you plan to settle should be taken into consideration. Your ability to express yourself and understand the most used language in your new country of residence is a key element in your decision-making. Indeed, if you decide to start your own business in your host country, it is best to master the local language. This is a real asset.

The economic health of the country
Be sure to check the economic health of the country in which you want to settle and its dynamism. These elements must imperatively be taken into account. Rwanda, in full growth, can prove to be a very attractive destination.


You must analyze the various destinations envisaged by collecting as much information as possible. If you hesitate between different neighboring countries, it may be a good idea to live and work in two or three countries before embarking on the creation of your company.


It is no coincidence that most business creations carried out by members of the diaspora have already lived in their new country of residence, which allows them to know the networks, taxation, regulation, etc.

The problem of financing
Like any business creation, a market study is required before you get started (competition, potential, possible development, etc.). The question of financing is also raised.


Indeed, it is very difficult to borrow in a country where you have just settled. This problem must be solved upstream of your installation. In addition, you should also consider the free movement of capital. For example, if you live in France and make the decision to transfer to Africa more than 10 000 €, you are required to inform the customs.


Some African countries may impose local partners when it is an entrepreneurial project. This can be an asset to the extent that they are able to interact with local administrative and economic bodies. In addition, they can also bring you their knowledge of the local market.

The cost of living: a determining factor
The cost of living in your home country or in which you want to live is not to be neglected. Indeed, the creation of a company sometimes means having to wait a few months before it becomes profitable. Money is therefore an important aspect to take into account. Immediate cash flow may not be available, so in the early days it is necessary to consider assessing the cost of daily living expenses on the spot according to the new lifestyle you are looking for.


To do this, get in touch with other members of the diaspora before your departure, compare prices for transport, food, etc.


In reality, there are no good or bad countries in which to settle. This choice is entirely personal. Whatever decision you make, consider that you are going to live a new way of conceiving life.

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