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Hi, I am Wolffe, a professional market researcher with an MBA degree. I am here to solve your impending challenges as you start your new business. My market research may be Primary or Secondary research. I will use my industry contacts to deliver you a top-of-the-line report to move your business forward. Three packages are available: 1. Basic – Covers all general issues with your business including defining your target audience, location, market outlook, projections etc. No statistical analysis are provided. 2. Standard- Includes the Basic package plus additional medium statistical analysis to give you insights about your available and obtainable markets (TOM & TAM). I will include an overview of our competitors and help you decide where to focus. 3. Premium – Most comprehensive package to include deep statistical analysis to cover ever aspect of your business and answer your research questions. Supporting documents will be attached. I aim to provide you the best service with quality communication so I will appreciate your patience in defining “What you expect from me”. I also do business plan & market survey

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