African diasporas meet in Paris

Boubacar Diallo

The Palais des Congrès in Paris is preparing to host a major meeting on 22 June, a high-level international forum for African diasporas. It is an ideal setting for meetings, exchanges and sharing of experiences between members of African diasporas, economic and political decision-makers.

It will be necessary to highlight the important role played by the diaspora on all the plans, to create a vast network of actors wishing to develop the Africa-Mediterranean-Europe area. This initiative comes from the Institute of Economic Prospects of the Mediterranean World (IPEMED) which placed the meeting under the high patronage of Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic.

Participants will also be invited to propose appropriate solutions to the economic difficulties of the continent and to unite the different actors around a common vision.

Conferences, workshops, round tables and events, several personalities are on the agenda of this forum which are expected in particular: economic actors, members of civil society, opinion leaders, politicians, journalists and media managers.

Entrepreneurship is a real way to reduce poverty and the growing unemployment rate on the continent, it will also be for participants to expose the successes in the field. This in spaces specially designed to provide assistance and assistance to entrepreneurs, project holders.

To this end, recruiting areas will allow leaders to recruit locally, the best talents of the diaspora. Female entrepreneurship will also be present, with coaching, speed-mentoring and networking workshops. An opportunity not to be missed for women entrepreneurs to promote their projects.

African diasporas contribute greatly to the economies of their respective countries through investment and money transfers. They are also active in the consolidation of trade and cooperation between Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe.

They are about 3.5 million people, from African countries in France. In 2016, they sent to Africa, 32.5 billion euros. A figure that will explode if we associate the other European countries and transfers from Asia and America.


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