AfrikaTech Meetup # 4 “Artificial Intelligence” – speaker presentation: Abdoulaye SY

Boubacar Diallo

Abdoulaye Sy

– Cofounder and CTO of RMI-INFO.COM
– Founder of the Startup Francophonie Association
– Founder of DEEPEN
– Co-founder of Hectora

Abdoulaye Sy is a 33-year-old entrepreneur who did his graduate studies in France in the fields of computer science. After his studies, he launched his first project Artmms where he sold templates for the creation of websites. In parallel Abdoulaye composes design sounds for applications during 5 years.

Very involved in the development of his country of origin, Mauritania, he co-created RMI-Info with other Mauritanians from the diaspora and he became the CTO and director. RMI-INFO.COM is a general-purpose web radio created in 2013 in France which aims to inform and federate Mauritanians and Mauritanians from all over the world. This is the niche that the web radio wants to occupy, hence its slogan “RMI, the crossroads of the Mauritanian diaspora”.

Always in this desire to be useful and serve as a bridge, Abdoulaye launches with other friends in the creation of an incubator, Hadina RIM TIC, in Mauritania. And he becomes the representative in Europe. This incubator is an attic of technological innovation for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship. Hadina RIM TIC offers a co-working space by accompanying startups. The latter also benefit from a range of support and support services as well as funding opportunities. Residents benefit from a complete coaching and mentoring program to help them start their businesses.

From this enriching experience Abdoulaye observes various problems encountered by startups, which are not specific to Mauritania. Realizing that the problem of entrepreneurship was not only local, he decided to launch his Startup Francophonie Association.

Passionate about music, Abdoulaye Sy creates a platform for learning and collaborative composition of music for artists, amateurs and various composers of sound. This is one of his richest experiences since the project could not take off. Failure he translated into success by launching DEEPEN whose slogan is none other than “The digital transformation through gamification.” DEEPEN, as its name suggests, aims to deepen the digital transformation, increasing it by artificial intelligence, connected objects and robotics.

With Jérôme Lucas and Maxim Godart, Abdoulaye Sy created Hectora, an association that promotes robotics and its actors by positioning itself as a think tank around the field.
It is a circle of reflection, proposals on the field of robotics with activities such as observations, studies, research, events and training. Since 1 September 2017, an online sales platform for connected objects has been launched: Obconnect

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