Aguima Web Agency: Supporting companies in their digital transformation

Boubacar Diallo

Founded in 2015 by Jean-Michel KONIN, Aguima Web Agency is an Ivorian consulting agency in web marketing and e-commerce. Aguima’s mission is to provide businesses that are digital or who wish to operate a digital transformation the best tools and web solutions.


Introduce yourself and your journey

I am Jean-Michel KONIN, director of the Aguima agency, an agency in web marketing and e-commerce, Google Adwords agency. After studying in France and having worked for almost 10 years in the field of webmarketing and e-commerce, I returned to my country in 2015 to set up agency Aguima. We also launched, which is Côte d’Ivoire’s first online ticketing service.


How did you get the idea to start your business?

The idea is part of a simple observation: The web in general and e-commerce arrived in our countries (with Jumia for example). I wanted to participate in this development. So I had the choice to do it as an agency or advertiser. So I decided to make a mix of both: Agency and site editor. This allows me not only to bring my experience to companies but also to improve the lives of Ivorians by offering them concrete web solutions.


Can you introduce your team?

My team is composed of 7 people including Accounts Managers, developers, business developers, a CTO (head of the tech division) and a CFO (in charge of finances).

What is the problem solved by Aguima?

My company managed to manage several issues:

  • The creation and optimization of the Seo strategy (natural referencing) for our client Librairie de France in addition to support in launching and monitoring the e-commerce website
  • Improved web presence with product focus for our Orange Cote d’Ivoire customer via the Adwords Display
  • Management of application promotion campaigns to boost downloads for our customers Majestic One Ivory Coast, Nsia Bank and Orange Ivory Coast

What are the next steps ?

We have several projects in progress:

  • Strengthening our presence in Côte d’Ivoire
  • International development for the agency
  • Reaching a new milestone for our product with the launch of our talent show nights (Talent Show)
  • The launch of 2 or 3 e-commerce sites

What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?

AfrikaTech can help me mainly in our international development strategy in countries like Senegal or the Anglophone market.

What are the contacts of the startup? Website, email, Mobile / WhatsApp, links to social networks?
+225 22 46 34 52

Eticketgo is also present on Instagram @eticketgo

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