Cameroon: Learning Technology for Young People

Boubacar Diallo

Training as a basis for technological transformation in Cameroon. This is the goal pursued by the Genius Center. Located in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, the center offers workshops on computer code and technological innovation to young people from 4 to 17 years old. In a world where digital dominates Danielle Akini who promotes this project wants to create the conditions to bring innovation in his country Cameroon.

Children are throwing themselves today into technology, the consumption of technological tools, they want to have smartphones, computers. Generally, when these tools are given to them, they use them to play, simply because they have not been shown how to do other things with these tools. But at Genius Center we show young people how to use technology effectively and otherwise, by creating technological content, says Danielle Akini.

The children are directed to workshops that range from programming, to robotics, design or robotic editing. The work done by the Genius center is already bearing fruit. The young Kamel hassoun at 10 years old has put together an application to facilitate calculations. An ordinary calculator designed through an open access tool called Scratch.

I created a calculator ordinary, not scientific or whatever, it is a calculator that I created myself on scratch, at home. I posted it on scratch, everyone on online scrach can see my calculator and can tested it proudly explains the young aspiring computer scientist.

Danielle Akini’s Genius center has already trained nearly 4,000 young people across Cameroon. For her, learning these tools goes beyond simple digital awareness. Today, she wants to implant the genuis center throughout the country, and even in the Central Africa subregion.


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