Cameroonian Mirabell Mayack raises CFAF 547 million to open her London PR agency in Douala, Abidjan and Kinshasa

Boubacar Diallo

So far based in London, “Le Petit Event”, a public relations, communication and marketing agency between Africa and Europe, announces in an official statement soon to open three new offices in Africa, notably in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and Kinshasa (DRC).

This physical presence in Africa is the materialization of the project called “Bringing skills to Africa”, in which the agency launched in 2015 by Mirabell Mayack (photo) has just raised an envelope of 750 000 pounds sterling (about 547 million FCFA ) from private investors, we learn.

According to “Le Petit Event”, an envelope of 250 000 pounds sterling (just over 182 million FCFA) will be devoted to the recruitment of staff and the installation of offices in each of its three countries, so as to be able to offer First-class public relations, communication and marketing services in the heart of French-speaking Africa, within a year. ”

“We leverage our credibility to give a positive image of Africa, through exclusive networking events conducted to perfection, on behalf of professionals interested in investing in the continent that is home to the fastest growing economies. “Says Mirabell Mayack.

And the general manager of “Le Petit Event” adds: “we are taking a new step with the intensification of our activities, which leads to the creation of new jobs, the sharing of experiences and the promotion of related professions. to communication “.

Agence Ecofin

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