Founded by 2 young African ASFAHA Sam and DIALLO Ismaël, Colisphere is a platform for connecting individuals who want to send or transport parcels around the world. The principle is simple: if you are traveling and want to carry Parcels for a fee, you post an ad on Colisphere indicating your price per kilogram.


Introduce yourself and your journey (briefly)

I am DIALLO Ismaël, a young computer scientist currently employed on a permanent contract in a French IT company. I hold a BAC + 5 (Master) in MIAGE (Computer Method Applied to Business Management), as well as a computer science degree. During these 5 years of study, I was apprenticed for 3 years in various companies (Médecin Sans Frontière, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations …). These experiences allowed me to increase and acquire skills in different areas, including computer development, management, and business management.

Thus, in parallel with my studies, with a fellow student ASFAHA Sami, we started to create this start-up: Colisphere.


What is your project and its mission?

Colisphere is a platform (website for now and soon a mobile application) that allows to connect individuals who want to send or transport parcels around the world. The principle is simple: if you are traveling and want to carry Parcels for a fee, you post an ad on Colisphere indicating your price per kilogram. In parallel, individuals wishing to send Parcels have only to browse the ads on the site and offer their package to the most interesting offer. In conclusion, those who transport the parcels make their trip profitable and those who ship them, benefit from a fast service, cheaper than the usual rates of transport of Parcels.

And, everyone can both use Colisphere to send and transport parcels, no restrictions at this level.


What is the problem solved by Colisphere?

Colisphere can meet a strong demand, especially from the African diaspora, Sending objects of all kinds abroad or even within the same country (no matter which) in complete safety. Today every shipment of parcels is subject to the regulations and constraints of companies such as DHL, UPS, Fedex …

Colisphere has no barriers because the delivery of a parcel depends on individuals like you and me. That is, wherever man can go, our parcels will go. Of course you need to capitalize a maximum of users and Colisphere becomes the first reflex of travelers or people who move. As soon as you buy a train, plane, boat or car trip, make a habit of offering a convoy on So imagine that even if 30% of travelers in the world offer a convoy on Colisphere, the proposal of our platform becomes very exhaustive and allows a large proportion of our users to send their package to desired destinations safely and without risk.

What is the business model ?

For the moment, Colisphere does not generate any turnover. The goal is to bring together travelers from around the world through simple exchanges.

We are constantly evolving, the arrival of insurance on the goods transported and an internal payment module is planned. This will allow us to significantly increase the reliability of our exchanges and transactions. This is when we will apply a small commission on each transaction (on a model similar to BlaBlaCar or Airbnb for example) that will allow us, if the flow is high, to live and grow.

How did you get the idea to start your business?

During our university years, my classmate and now associate, and I had taken the habit of going home to work our classes at home. Once finished we used to brainstorm while trying to start a business. We were trying to respond to a strong need, which would partly concern Africa and the African diaspora. Colisphere is not our first attempt, but when the idea came to us, it became obvious. We are both African and we see around us African people from other diasporas (Latin America, Asia, …) send their parcels between community / countryman: Guineans between Guineans, Ethiopians between Ethiopians, Indians between indians etc. … We ourselves have been asked more than once by family or friends, to transport parcels during our travels.

In addition, we knew the existence of individuals who earn their living exclusively through the transport of parcels.

It was therefore natural to break down these barriers and federate all these practices around a single digital platform. Everyone would come out satisfied: some would earn money by transporting parcels, the others will benefit from defying tariffs all competitions for the Sending of their parcels. Not to mention the gain in visibility, ease of trade generated, security and tracking all your Shipments and parcels.

Colisphere is the perfect crossroads between people from different backgrounds with the same needs.

Can you introduce your team?

We are 2 permanent in the team, the 2 founders:

ASFAHA Sami: Head of Functional Evolution, QA Manager, Communication and Accounting.

DIALLO Ismaël: Fullstack Developer, SysAdmin, Head of Technical and Strategic Evolution, Management.

We work, punctually with several people especially for Design, Communication, Administration etc. In order to keep an objective look at our product.

What are the next steps ?
As pointed out before, we are constantly evolving. The major changes in the short to medium term are the following:

  • English translation of the site (already developed, currently being validated)
  • The development of the mobile application


What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?

The Colisphere site is available and fully functional today. We work of course every day improvement and optimization in order to constantly evolve our services.

What we need most today is visibility with our future users.

It is in this sense that AfrikaTech could help us.

The more we will be on Colisphere, further our packages will go!


What are the contacts of the startup? Website, email, Mobile / WhatsApp, links to social networks?

Colisphere is accessible on the web via: and on facebook via: We are also present on other social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

We are reachable only by email for the moment:

About The Author

CEO AfrikaTech

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