Conakry: young people equipped with entrepreneurship through a debate conference

Boubacar Diallo

“From 0 franc” was the theme of a conference debate of the structure Startup Grind this Saturday, September 08, 2018, in Conakry.

For the speaker, Mamadou Malado Diallo, social entrepreneur and head of the Youth Partnership for Sustainable Development (PJDD) announced that he is evolving in agriculture and livestock, “we organized this conference today, for equip young people on how to undertake, how to start from the idea and to mature and see how to mobilize human, financial, material resources and especially how to identify potential customers? “.

He continued his intervention by stating that this exchange meeting is to push young people to undertake, be creative, autonomous, have the sense of responsibility, be a leader, an ambitious man, value, quality, idea … and also tell them to embark on entrepreneurship to not look for a job, but to create their own job.

“You have to start very small for a big vision and have goals, strategies to look for people who can actually do it. As you can not invent wheels, go to people to accompany you, “says speaker Mamadou Malado Diallo.

For Odia Malika Keita co-director of Startup Grind said, “Startup Grind is a global network summit that has been created since California aims to educate inspire and connect young unemployed graduates who want to undertake.”

In the same vein, the co-director reminds that through the conferences she organizes, young people are edified and equipped with entrepreneurship with their inspiration. That is to say “we invite young mentors and young graduates who from scratch can do well,” said co-director Odia Malika keita.

What should be remembered for the conference as the theme indicates “to start from scratch, do not necessarily have to be rich to undertake. Saying as I do not have 1 million, 2 million, three million … I can not undertake. It is necessary to believe first of all these ideas to have the determination, this determination you will be able to have obstacles. But not to be blocked from a single obstacle, you have to believe in your dreams that was the idea. At our first conference and the second, it does not take much. It’s ideas that allow us to move the mountains, “according to Odia.

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