Passionate about ICT, Kriss Brochec, a female entrepreneur, mentor and international speaker, has been on the Internet for more than 15 years. She arranged her first domain name:, still a student. Invited to the Salon OSIANE in Brazzaville, she gives the interest of the show and says she has trained more than 35 women in the digital business and aims to install its concept of the Africa Digital Academy in English-speaking Africa.

By creating her company Africa Digital Academy, Kriss Brochec (photo) aimed to reduce the digital divide by enabling communities to take ownership of digital. Our motto, she said, is how to enable groups of people to reap the benefits, time, opportunity and money from digital. Digital is considered in the Congo as a field of experts or knowledgeable, while it affects all areas of society.

Kriss Brochec has always considered the African woman in general and Congolese in particular at the center of development. She believes that the importance of digital in the development of African countries is no longer to prove, It is now to see how each African country relies effectively on digital, for implementation. In the case of Congo, a legal arsenal has been put in place for the protection of users.

Kriss Brochec argues that digital has just been at the heart of the concerns. She quotes here the case of Axel Emmanuel, chocolatier of Côte d’Ivoire, that the digital has had an accelerating effect or amplifier in its activities; and Bonny Maya, who has managed to federate over 200 farmers on the Agro Millennium platform thanks to digital technology.

The human is at the heart of the digital transformation. Because it is a real revolution, training, workshops and masters class on various areas of ICT will always be appreciated, she said.

In all countries, digital transformation is accompanied by public authorities. Only the state can make the internet available and accessible. The Congo, which has already adopted a national strategy for the development of the Digital Economy 2018-2022, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, is installing the infrastructure of and the interconnection with the countries of the Central African subregion.

“It is mandatory that cyber security training and awareness go hand in hand with any digital transformation measures. Cybersecurity also seems to me to be a good area of ​​employment for our young people. There too the domain has been so stigmatized. For some young people, it is difficult if not impossible, when in fact, no, “she said.

Kriss Brochec says he had his first internet bubble in France. In Africa, she is at the heart of something even bigger. A fair like OSIANE is also an opportunity to take stock of current innovations and best practice.

With 6 workshops, including the ITU Workshop and its 4 training courses including the first edition of the Africa Digital Academy, Salon Osiane justified its positioning as a benchmark event for ICT and innovation in the subregion.

“What I see,” she continued, “is that the price of the internet has dropped even though the price is still high compared to countries like Côte d ‘Ivoire and Senegal. ”

For her, high prices hinder the creation and stabilization of a stable and sustainable digital ecosystem.

In addition, she plans to advocate for the creation of a fund to help Congolese startups develop. “For us on the ground, who work and raise awareness, we soon find ourselves facing a glass ceiling. Digital technology is a lever for diversifying Congo’s economy, but also a sector that can absorb some of the youth unemployment, “she says.

“Since December 2017, Africa Digital Academy has trained 72 people, we have filed about sixty domain name in .cg. The website is the first digital solution that we want to democratize later we think working on mobile applications, MOOC, Social Media Management, etc. ”

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