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DiaspoAssur: Press Conference in honor of the launch

Boubacar Diallo

Diaspo Assur offers insurance solutions that will enable Africans in the diaspora (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal …) to take care of family members who have remained in their country of origin. Health, Auto, Repatriation of body, Home, Retirement, Funeral expenses and Visa, we try to make every effort to satisfy your needs and desires.

New start !

Diaspo Assur is a EURL created a year ago, coming with everyday products for the pleasure of the European Diaspora. Located in the heart of Paris, Diaspo Assur takes you to discover this new company.

Discover Diaspo Assur

It is in the heart of Paris that we will receive you to present our structure and our products. So we are waiting for you Friday, January 11 in Paris from 9:30 for the DIASPO ASSUR Press Conference which will be accompanied by a small cocktail breakfast!
The place will be communicated to you later ..

In the program

– 1h of conference

– 20min questions / answers for the public and journalists
– Cocktail appetizer available
– Discount Goodies

Diaspo Assur, the distance, never again an obstacle

Press contacts

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