Boubacar Diallo

In a press conference held over the past two days in Casablanca by the Apebi officials, there was a lot of talk about what Digital, the Invention Expo It Aitex can represent about the future of the continent, just as much about the progress of the market. Morocco in this context where it seems to be late.

Still, the digital revolution has profound repercussions in all areas. The digital world introduces new tools, practices and behaviors and induces the emergence of new strategies and modes of governance.

This digital revolution is major for the world as a whole. This one has a disruptive potential, which must be apprehended with a good risk control.

Digital technology offers significant development potential for the continent, especially through the advent of new types of services in several fields such as Education, Health, Commerce, Agriculture … or Finance.

Africa is fully engaged in this digital transformation that offers a tremendous
opportunity for its development: economic and societal choices to make more accessible to the populations of basic services, and ultimately back to a more inclusive economy, more eco-responsible, innovative and profitable to all.

To achieve this shift, implementation plans have been rolled out in many
countries, and require new partnership platforms that privilege cooperation
strengthened between the southern countries.

Africa must inspire and have the ambition to position itself as a precursor
bringing his full expertise in the field.

APEBI shares this ambition by bringing together first-rate players to support innovative projects, and accelerate sustainable development objectives in its human, economic, societal and environmental dimensions.

Different reports note regional disparities, such as the lack of adequate human and technical capacity, to promote ICT. Strengthening the continent’s capacity for technology and innovation is a major challenge for Africa’s economic transformation.

Its development is closely linked to its ability to deploy innovations
IT for a more inclusive and sustainable transformation.

Inventive and value-creating youth participate in the profound changes in
Continent it is expressed at the level of the creation of Starts Up, and characterizes this
new digital economy, and are at the heart of this digital revolution.

Growth in Africa is on the move and the continent can become a locomotive
occupying a place in the emerging economy on the world stage. All the
stakeholders must bring their dynamism, their synergy, the good
governance and leadership.

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