E-BOGA Digital Labs: Launch by Akewa Accelerator of the first digital laboratory in Gabon

Boubacar Diallo

This Tuesday, August 07, the Gabonese tech ecosystem has just welcomed a newborn in these ranks. E-BOGA Digital Labs, the first digital laboratory in Gabon has officially been presented in the AKEWA Growth Accelerator. E-BOGA Digital Labs is a digital laboratory whose programs aim to awaken the creativity of young people around the digital, by initiating them from the age of 5 to the business of design and publishing digital solutions.

Internet is the new technologies invading our daily lives, changing our habits on the private plane like professional. Gone are the days when the internet served us only to send emails or research on Google. Today digital technology occupies all spheres of our lives, the digital age has imposed itself with less expensive equipment thus giving the opportunity to all to have a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Meschac MONSIA, engineer in telecommunications and networks very quickly understood the challenges of digital and decided to build his business around what is now called “blue gold”.

For this reason he decided to launch E-BOGA Digital Labs, a digital laboratory whose programs aim to awaken the creativity of young people around the digital, by initiating them from the age of 5 to the professions of design and development. digital publishing solutions.

Its extensive program, among other things, targets children, adolescents and seniors for better integration of TICS in the daily lives of all. Whether for business or personal needs, E-BOGA Digital Labs wants to be able to provide all the necessary tools a large enough public so that they are future experts if not digital geniuses.

Desiring to share his vision and his missions, Mr. MONSIA has made the choice to present during the launch, the strategic action plan that provides the laboratory for the start of its activities. These include “Digital Baby”, “Shake Your Future”, “E-BOGA Digital Capital” and “E-BOGA Digital Active”. Thus, these programs will aim to raise awareness, initiate and train young people in the digital professions.

However, remember that E-BOGA Digital Labs is also an incubator since it supports entrepreneurs whose projects are in the fields of web, digital or programming.

The private school workshops planned by E-BOGA Digital Labs, will thus inform young people about the opportunities that digital offers by orienting them towards key sectors.
E-BOGA Digital Labs is positioned today as the structure that allows young people to live their creativity.

Robotics, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and Big Data.

This launch was therefore an opportunity for the CEO and his team to present in the margins of the 2018/2022 strategic plan, the application “E-BOGA PAY”.

E-BOGA PAY is a local solution, designed to manage the organization of the remuneration of employees within a company, the calculation of employee and employer contributions related to this remuneration. This solution revolutionizes the business management system since it is adaptable and accessible via the Web.


The AKEWA Growth Accelerator has had the honor over the last 12 months to support the structure in the realization of its project idea, by following the design and the publication of the website and the website from start to finish. The accelerator is a support structure for project leaders in the innovative fields of the digital economy, the environment and the social sector.

This launch brought together digital enthusiasts, business executives, and students to discuss TICS together in youth education.

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