Edem Adjamagbo: the Togolese brain behind the success of Semoa Group

Boubacar Diallo

Edem Adjamagbo dreams big for his country and his continent. The entrepreneur wants to contribute to the best use of technology in financial transactions. A goal that pushed him to launch Semoa Group Togo. During the two previous years, the man made speak of its structure, in the best way with several prices.

The startup of Edem Adjamagbo therefore wants to respond to a need for innovative services that stands out in his country Togo and in Africa in general. Semoa Group offers two major services to individuals and businesses: CashPay and Seoma-Kiosk.

It’s actually “a payment platform for online sales. And the customer orders on a commercial site having installed our solution and pays in cash in a relay point equipped with an automatic terminal of payment “indicates Edem Adjamagbo in Fist Togo

In his daily efforts, the founder of Semoa Group has in mind a goal he absolutely wants to achieve. “Our stated goal is to become within two years, the PayPal of Africa. ”

In January 2018, the startup turned out to be the face of the continent by winning the FINANCE INNOVATION Special Prize at the “Startup of the Year Africa 2018” competition in Casablanca. A coronation that opens the door to success as desired by the initiator. Edem Adjamagbo intends to take advantage of opportunities in Africa by relying on perfection, the efficiency of its services.

“In Africa, today we are witnessing a real leap forward in the financial sector. The number of start-ups is increasing year by year, attracting more and more foreign investment. Most of the time, these are mobile-based innovations that address issues specific to Africa and developing countries, “he explains.

In its forecasts since then it hopes to invest in the deployment of a hundred between this year 2019 and 2020 and extend its field of activity in several countries of the sub-region. Today it is a model of entrepreneurship that is offered to the Togolese and African diaspora. Since his studies in France, Edem has at heart, the well-being of his fellow citizens and the development of his country.

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