Forum X-Africa: startups expected next March 10

Boubacar Diallo

Young entrepreneurs and startup bosses will meet in France during the X-Africa Forum to present their projects with African dimension. The event, which is in its third edition, will feature the participation of several continental and European experts who will address the entrepreneurial challenges of the day.

Another meeting to promote entrepreneurship in Africa. On March 10 in France, on the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique (X) in Paris, will take place the 3rd edition of the Forum X-Africa. According to the organizers, this meeting, which aims to promote entrepreneurship in Africa, will once again bring together African and X-African lovers with the aim of promoting African culture and entrepreneurship. Africa through various events during the year “.

For this edition, the theme chosen is “New Technologies at the service of Africa”. The organizers justify this choice by the gradual emergence of startups favoring the use of new technologies and the influence of these new resources on Africa through the economic, education, health and culture.

The discussions at the forum will therefore revolve around various questions such as: “What is the share of new technologies in African growth? How to take advantage of this era of new technologies? How do we appropriate it and adapt it to our real needs in Africa? “.

For the debates, several European and continental experts from Africa will be at the meeting to animate conferences, presentations and round tables. At the X-Africa Forum two round tables are on the agenda. A first round table will address the issue of the success of the energy transition in Africa, while the second will be a little oriented towards originality of ideas or entrepreneurial innovation in Africa.

Twenty startups expected to present their projects

At this meeting in March, African startups will be asked to present their projects. “Twenty startups will come to present their projects in Africa”, assures the organizers. In this regard, precisely, a pitch contest will be organized and chaired by a jury of experts. “It will be for entrepreneurs to outline their disruptive ideas. The startup that has been the most convinced will be awarded the prize of the Forum “, note in the statement of the organizing committee of the Forum.

This forum is the largest event organized by X-Africa through its association of Ecole Polytechnique. Last year, the second edition chaired by the then Ivorian Minister of the Budget, Abdourahmane Cissé, and other great African personalities, received more than 600 participants.

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