GEDI Institute urges African countries to model Botswana and South Africa on entrepreneurship

Boubacar Diallo

In a study published in November 2017, the Global Institute of Entrepreneurship and Development (GEDI Institute) ranks Botswana and South Africa as the champions of entrepreneurship in a sub-Saharan Africa where effective opportunities are also big structural weaknesses.

The publication reveals that entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa can count on the fact that its entrepreneurs today have a great ability to target the opportunities of their environments in order to create businesses. However, they have to deal with the lack of capital, the challenge of the skills and innovation needed to start a business, and other shortcomings in education and the ability to take risks.

The report says that in the face of identified weaknesses, countries in the region should use Botswana and South Africa as examples to boost their entrepreneurial environments. In addition, GEDI notes that breaking down the few barriers that hinder the entrepreneurship ecosystem in sub-Saharan Africa could lead to an overall improvement in entrepreneurship and the economy as a whole.

The GEDI Institute measures the qualities and dynamism of the entrepreneurship ecosystem at the level of nations and regions of the world. It is the leading organization conducting advanced knowledge research on the relationship between entrepreneurship, economic development and prosperity.

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