How to develop your network relational?

Boubacar Diallo

Most startups that are successful are largely due to the founders’ ability to make a positive impression on the people they meet. Hence the importance of developing and maintaining a network of relationships. This network complements your active presence on social networks. Achieving network development requires time and energy. The key element is to be open to others. Here are the essential tips to follow to develop your network relational.

Define your expectations regarding the relational network
Before considering the development of your network relational, it is essential to understand why the formation of a network seems so important. What are your expectations for this network? What are your goals ?


Is it about finding new customers? To identify people with specific skills in order to exchange with them on specialized topics? To share experiences? This step is essential. Indeed, depending on your purpose, you approach these individuals differently.

Do you know your contacts perfectly?
Like an agency operating in the marketing sector, you must have a thorough knowledge of the profile of each member of your network. By doing so, you are able to turn to the ideal interlocutor according to your needs.


Know how to present your product
Presenting your product is an art. You must provide concrete answers to your audience’s questions and propose solutions to their problems. Your audience asks only one question: “What is my interest in buying this product? “.

Your presentation should therefore specifically address your audience and only to him. The key messages you want to convey must answer the questions your audience asks and focus on their interests. Focus on the benefits your customers can derive from your product. Especially do not dwell on its various features or innovations that you have made, these items will be debated after convincing your target audience that your product is indispensable.


Avoid terms such as “innovative or successful product” and business jargon. Your product allows users to save money, save time, increase revenue for your potential customers? Speak in a clear and reasoned manner. The best example to follow? Steve Jobs who sold the dream to his customers before addressing the technical aspects of his products. Do like him, choose the “why” before treating the “how”.


View your relationship capital
To enable your acquaintances to develop their own activity, do not hesitate to connect the different members of your relational network. Indeed, the recommendation is part of one of the factors that contribute effectively to the development of its own relational network.

Whatever the circumstances, you must remain professional. This includes respecting your commitments, being courteous and polite, proposing solutions adapted to the problem to be solved, etc.


This attitude allows you to build a solid reputation. In the end, you encourage many professionals to join your professional network.

To know how to help others
In terms of networking, it is important to know what it is necessary to give before receiving. To stay in the minds of your network members, get involved and help others.


By using this method, you improve your personal credit. You are asked? You answer present! As a result, your interlocutors are thus ready to give back.

Share expertise, information and relevant articles
To develop your relational network, share information or articles about the interests of your different contacts. Nevertheless, this sharing should not be untimely. Be relevant when the time is right. Your best business card? Your professionalism!

Meet his contacts and leave the virtual
While it is true that the virtual world favors the development of professional networks, the same goes for real encounters. Meeting the members of your network allows you to create real links. Your network takes on another dimension. It’s up to you to bring these opportunities to face-to-face exchange.


For any professional, it is beneficial to have a solid base of contacts from which it is possible to seek advice.

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