How to recruit your team?

Boubacar Diallo

Do you need to recruit new talent? For a startup, recruitment can be extremely complex. Contrary to popular belief, the expectations, the approach, the issues of recruitment between a conventional company and a startup are diametrically opposed. What are the tips for recruiting a successful team.

Employee identification
Identifying your future collaborators can be done in different ways. By opting for social networks centered on the world of startups such as F6S, you have the assurance that candidates applying for the position are interested in the entrepreneurial world.


To obtain recommended profiles, it is best to turn to your professional and personal network. By doing so, you meet qualified candidates who know one of your relationships. If you already have one or two employees, you may want to consider exploring the cooptation track.

What is the main problem that startups face?
In contrast to a traditional company, startups must meet candidates whose profile does not completely correspond to the position proposed.

However, to get closer to the ideal candidate, it is imperative to establish a list of skills required for each defined position. The more precise you are in the description of the mission statement, the more likely you are to find the candidates you dream of.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to note that the founders of startups struggle to find the talent sought. This problem is due to the fact that a startup is in the early stages of creation of strategy, team and activities.

By choosing a junior profile, in the learning phase, thus able to integrate the values ​​you want to convey as well as your business processes, you rely on its dynamism to quickly reach your goals.

The essential pillar of recruitment? The savoir-être
To find new talent, it is essential to move away from the idea that there is a typical profile. You must instead privilege the well-being. Only over time, the know-how of your employees will develop.


The DNA of a startup? Group different but powerful profiles when working together. In the end, it is not a question of recruiting only a set of skills but rather personalities.

The role of seniors
Many startups seek to recruit seniors whose professional skills are proven. Junior employees can, most of the time, inject a dynamic into the startup.


Nevertheless, integrating experienced executives aims to ensure a professional credibility of the startup. However, many seniors are nervous about joining a very young company.


To build a successful team for its startup, managers must retain candidates “in the making.” The latter being endowed with a know-how in adequacy with the DNA of the startup. The recruitment of employees presents risks. Moreover, the right to the error is weak. Indeed, startups have little time to win. This is a challenge to face. This is an integral part of the entrepreneurial adventure.

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