How to sell your product / service?

Boubacar Diallo

Starting a sales campaign is often associated with the question: “How to sell your product or service? “. Knowing all the features of your product or service is not enough. Do you think that a known product with a good price / quality ratio can generate sales without a marketing plan being established beforehand? You have to be a good seller to sell your own product. Here are some tips that will help you become a formidable seller.

A powerful marketing plan
There is no standard technique to reach your target audience. Your goal? Developing a logical action plan inevitably leads your customers to acquire your product. It is quite possible that your future customers have not yet identified their need. Moreover, they do not know the existence of your startup.

Define what targeted consumers are looking for
The goal of an entrepreneur is to transform the desire of his future customers into need. As a general rule, consumers try to find a solution to a specific problem such as making money, developing their career. Strive to understand how your product is addressing their problem.

Identify with the customer
By identifying with the customer, you can discover the emotions that need to be triggered to make your need a necessity. It can be frustration, anger or discouragement.

Does your commercial speech manage to convert a prospect into a customer?
Does your commercial speech answer any objections you may have? Do you insist enough that your solution addresses the problem your customers are facing? If not, it is recommended to review your commercial speech.

Do you offer a bonus?
The bonus can be a gift, a prize, an exceptional offer, a contest, etc. It is rare to meet customers who do not like gifts!

Accept failures to improve your approach to sales
There is no doubt that your product will not appeal to everyone. When a potential customer rejects a sale, do not be frustrated. This is an experience that will allow you to discover the reasons that encourage these people to refuse your offer. To do this, do not hesitate to ask them.

Captivate your customers
Captivate your customers from the first seconds of your commercial speech. If not, they will not listen to you.

Test your product before putting it on sale
To sell and therefore convince prospects to go to the act of purchase, it is essential to know your product well. Test it to come up with a personalized business speech.

Encourage his client to buy without harassing him
Aggressive phone reminders? Very little for you. Privilege sending an email or sms without abusing. To relaunch a prospect, be patient and courteous. Forcing his hand is a counterproductive technique.

The sale of a product or service can not be improvised. It is essential to put in place a marketing plan to adjust according to the results obtained.

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