Boubacar Diallo

Several young African entrepreneurs who managed to make their way in the corporate world shared their experiences during a meeting organized on Thursday at the 3rd Ifrane Forum, held on November 29th and 30th.

These entrepreneurs, who were speaking during a round table on the theme ” Africa Inspiring, highlighting success stories from the continent ”, stressed the importance for African youth to believe in his own skills and ability to meet challenges regardless of constraints.

Khaled Igue, president of Club 2030 Afrique, a think tank committed to Africa’s development, said the continent and its youth have “all the tools and capabilities” to succeed and achieve the goals. hoped for.

” What is important for a young African entrepreneur today is to find an ecosystem that allows him to move forward, an incubator or a network of entrepreneurs to emerge, ” told the MAP the young entrepreneur from Benin, the head of this Think Tank, which accompanies governance bodies in Africa in their emergence process.

“In Africa, there are many stories that inspire. Every woman who rises in the morning to manage her children and go to the market to sell her fish, inspires ”, explained for her part, Marina Gning, the president of API Afrique, Senegalese social enterprise, which proposes innovative solutions , local and environmentally friendly for the hygiene of women and babies.

Through this meeting, ” Ifrane Forum ” seeks to ” change the narrative about Africa and promote a positive image of the continent, inspire assistance and demonstrate once again, that Africa is a land rich by its young people, his wives and his men ”.

Some 200 speakers from Africa and elsewhere, from different backgrounds, share their ideas and experiences under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI and try to outline the outline of a model of cooperation. intra-African economy for growth that respects sustainable development.


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