In France, the African diaspora is organized around entrepreneurship

Boubacar Diallo

Entrepreneurial initiatives are multiplying in France within the African diaspora. Faced with this craze, training and support mechanisms are created and structured. Whether they are ephemeral or long-lasting, their goal is to accompany the project leaders and to create the desire to undertake for those who still have doubts.


Associations that initiate entrepreneurship

Initiation days are organized by associations that provide the basic elements of business creation. During these sessions, the choice of the legal status of the company to be constituted for the product or service proposed, the economic model of the company and the search for financing are evoked, as well as an overview of the many functions and tasks performed. daily by the contractor. The participants come out informed of the challenge of this individual adventure, and may even be invited to try the pitch.


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Creating a desire to learn in Europe and Africa

With its cultural pedigree, this enterprising diaspora is also turning to the opportunities offered by its different countries of origin.

Thus, various associations offer training within the dual perspective for the project leader to set up in France and / or Africa.

Initiative For Africa (IFA) is part of this process. Its Express Incubators, organized once a semester, are an opportunity for future entrepreneurs to benefit from the advice of professionals from the business community for a busy day. But most of the action of this dynamic organization is in Africa!

With its annual Africa Startup Tour competition, IFA intends to support enterprising African youth who are comfortable with the digital tool to the success of their projects. During four intensive days, the selected participants find the opportunity to mature their idea under the watchful eye of mentors who have been present at this event where the sharing of experiences occupies an important place.


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Structures that pave the way for international entrepreneurship through their networks


Other types of structures join the movement and offer support throughout the creation of business in dedicated incubators, like Bond’Innov, which is the first and only incubator in the Paris region. specialized in entrepreneurship with Southern countries. The structure installed in Bondy, in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, offers an incubation of a maximum duration of two years and provides budding entrepreneurs its support network for innovation and public research worldwide. As for the nerve of war, Bond’Innov has private and public financing platforms and therefore offers privileged access to these financial sources.

In short, from the maturation of the idea to its implementation, these associations of the diaspora have understood the motivations of their members and have identified the stakes of this phenomenon. Professional insertion through entrepreneurship, the desire to contribute to the economic development of his country, or the desire for freedom are all reasons that arouse the enthusiasm of those who want to take the path of creation. business.

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