Macky Sall: “Africa can take shortcuts by appealing to the creative genius of its youth”

Boubacar Diallo

Macky Sall encourages, in his speech, to go from words to deeds!

Senegalese head of state Macky Sall on Tuesday urged young Africans in Kigali (Rwanda) to remain demanding with themselves and not be content with the “lenient speech” making Africa the continent of the future.

“Africa must not be satisfied with the lenient discourse making it the continent of the future. No. We must be more demanding on ourselves, “said President Macky Sall at the opening of the Next Einstein Forum in the Rwandan capital

“We must work to be the actors who transform the present to shape the future. The knowledge economy gives us the chance. It’s up to us to seize it. It’s up to us to take direction, to be in the sense of history; not only by the word, but especially by the acts. That’s what matters most, “he said.

According to Macky Sall, the challenge for the continent is to “give ourselves the means to maintain the pace of progress in order to remain in contact with the knowledge economy, so as not to run the risk of marginalization”.

“If Africa is lagging behind the industrial revolution, it must be firmly tied to that of digital. It has the capacity, and our young people have the talent and intelligence, “insisted the Senegalese head of state.

According to him, “the world is a new cycle of the history of science and technology, a waste field, within the reach of young Africans”.

“I want to show the innovation of telephone money transfer, born on the continent and making its way elsewhere. This is to say that beyond the digital gap between North and South, Africa can take shortcuts by appealing to the creative genius of its youth through technological innovations, including digital. We need to move from words to action, “added Sall.

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF), launched in 2013, is a platform connecting science, society and politics in Africa and around the world, with the aim of harnessing science for human development.

The NEF Fellowship Program aims to find 15 of the best young scientists to present on a global stage.

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