Meeting with Hermann Aguessy, Ceo fintech FEDAPAY

Boubacar Diallo

Serial entrepreneur Benin, Hermann Aguessy is the co-founder of Nautilus Technology and Ceo Fedapay. Fintech powered by Nautilus Technology, Fedapay is an online payment solution that wants to be a smart aggregator of all popular payment methods in West Africa.


Introduce yourself and your background 

I am Hermann Aguessy, Ceo Fedapay. I am a computer scientist by training, network administrator converted into a full-time entrepreneur. My name is Serial Entrepreneur, because I own 5 companies and manage 3. Among the three is Nautilus Technology Sarl, the company I created with a friend and who wears the fintech FEDAPAY.


What is your project and its mission?

Our FEDAPAY project is an accomplished project that is positioned in the field of FINTECH. Fedapay is an online payment system that aims to be a smart aggregator of all popular payment methods in West Africa. Our platform allows merchants to accept online payments (mobile money, VISA or MASTERCARD) but also to make bulk payments. We have also worked on developing other features that you can consult on our website.

What is the problem solved by FEDAPAY?

In Benin and Africa in general, the inaccessibility to international online payment services for the vast majority implies that many business opportunities are not available to indigenous people.
Added to this is the inability to accept payments for goods and services on an equal footing with the rest of the world while resorting to payment solutions specific to our realities. Mobile payments booming in our countries, we needed more than ever to join the emerging West African FINTECH ecosystem


What is the business model ?

We operate by taking a percentage studied on each transaction. Our pricing is absolutely transparent and flexible.


How did you get the idea to start your business?

Being a service provider in computer engineering, we were often faced with the problem of online payment for some of our customers. None of the recognized payment systems were African and did not allow us to receive money directly in our UEMOA local currency. When the problem became recurring during our services, we did research that led us to understand that the field of FINTECH is a promising and open field. So we started.

Can you introduce your team?

Exclusively for Fedapay, we have a team of 8 people but The team ahead is made up of myself, CTO Boris Koumondji and Customer Relationship Manager Emmanuel HODE.


What are the next steps ?

We have already started the exploitation phase since October 2018 from FEDAPAY and are currently culminating in almost 200 merchant accounts and 1,500 transactions monthly. The next steps will bring us within a few months to establish ourselves in other UEMOA countries, and integrate renowned incubators and approach potential investors to improve our performance.


What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?

Afrikatech could help us by publishing an article about us on social networks and allow a good dissemination on social fora at the end of the year.

What are the contacts of the company? Website, email, Mobile / WhatsApp, links to social networks?

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