Meeting with Jean KOÏVOGUI, co-founder of GEONAV & VENTURE

Boubacar Diallo

Young Guinean, Jean KOÏVOGUI is project manager, works coordinator at AREP. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Jean KOÏVOGUI is the co-founder of GEONAV & VENTURE, a start-up specializing in the development of geolocation, referencing and addressing solutions in Africa.

Introduce yourself and your background (briefly)

I am Jean KOÏVOGUI, Guinean of Conakry, I am passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups. Civil engineering engineer, I work as a project manager coordinator works AREP (SNCF GARE AND CONNECTION).

What is your project and its mission? Do you have a video presentation?

I co-founded GEONAV & VENTURE, a start-up specializing in the development of geolocation, referencing and addressing solutions in Africa. We have developed Conakrynavigateur to start our activities and to revolutionize SEO in Conakry.

What is the problem solved by GEONAV & VENTURE?

GEONAV & VENTURE was created to respond to the lack of cartographic data, which face African capitals and cities like Conakry. Our solution facilitates the orientation and the movements of the users in the city Conakry thanks to the geolocation of the establishments and signs. It also allows establishments and brands registered on our application, to improve their visibility and attract traffic (visitors). We provide addresses to non-dereferenced establishments or banners on Google. We are improving the tourist activities of the city.

What is the business model ?
We generate money through the royalties paid to us by registered establishments or banners and through advertising.

How did you get the idea to start your business?
The idea of ​​creating GEONAV came to me after a failure on a civil engineering project.
For the little story !
I had partnered with some friends to develop infrastructure in Conakry. During the distribution of tasks, my friends, given my training, entrusted me with the responsibility of piloting all phases of the project in relation with the Civil Engineering. For architectural design, I should implement (locate) the works on the map of Conakry. But unlike France, where I can consult a cadastral plan online to know the delimitation of plots, in Conakry this is not the case. After several steps (unsuccessfully) after authorities to have information and lack of data online, I thought it was time to find solutions to this problem. That’s where I got the idea to create GEONAV.

Can you introduce your team?
I am associated with Mr.Kalle Marcus SINTONEN, Finnish engineer specialized in SIRI (voice recognition system at Apple California).

What are the next steps ?
After the Conakry stage, we will duplicate our solution in the big cities of the country and in the capitals of the sub regions (Dakar, Bamako, Abidjan, etc.)

What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?
I ask for the general mentoring of AfrikaTech and support for the fundraising phase, and relay our information through the communication channels (media, social networks.).

What are the contacts of the company? Website, e-mail, phone / WhatsApp, links to social networks?
We are available on:




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