Promotion of African talents: A + presents the objectives of the project African capitals

Boubacar Diallo

The members of the management of A + channel animated last Thursday a press conference at Canal Olympia in Cotonou. Objective, to present the project “African Capitals” to the men of the media. According to Damiano Malchiodi, General Manager of A +, “Capitales Africaines” is the great collection initiated to promote African talent. This project concerns several African capitals, but 5 are already available including Bamako, Cotonou, Niamey, Yaoundé …

“This pan-African production has the common goal of immersing in the daily lives of African people, but it is also about enhancing their cultural wealth through traditions, passions and hopes,” said Jean-Noël Bah, producer of African capitals. From polygamy to drugs to politics, cybercrime, African capitals has revealed many vices and others lived in African cities.

In total, 120 episodes of 26 minutes each to show the realities of the capitals covered. “It’s about bringing a message to the rest of Africa from a capital,” the producer said. According to him, the idea of ​​this project is part of the fact that the African youth has no landmark and is engaged in risky emigration. “We must show this youth that we can succeed and create wealth in Africa without having to go elsewhere,” added Jean-Noël Bah.

This press conference was an opportunity to present to the public “Kutonu”, one of the series of this collection. Through 26 episodes and 26 minutes each, Kutonu, directed by Beninese and Togolese comedians reveals some realities of Cotonou such as Vodoun, the use of social networks by young people, cybercrime …

“The series African Capitals, Kutonu tells the story of 10 former students of terminal who are found 12 years after the Baccalaureate. Lionel, 30, a very good computer engineer, has created an application called Kutonu. This application allows him to gather in a forum his old friends of the terminal. The idea enchants those who are more than happy to meet after so many years. The joy of the old new friends is perceptible and Lionel is acclaimed for his ingenuity. But he is full of surprises … “, explained the director of this series full of intrigue and imagination.

This series is to be discovered on the A + channel, from November 1st every day, from Monday to Friday, at 15:00 mn.

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