Senegal decided to better sell its ICT expertise abroad

Boubacar Diallo

Despite the major advances noted in recent years – an estimated export rate of 70% and a status of leading provider of IT services and first provider in the outsourcing of business processes in sub-Saharan Africa, Senegal could better make. This is the main conclusion of the various stakeholders gathered since Tuesday in Dakar to define the main lines of a strategy to boost the market share abroad of domestic players in the Information Technologies sector.

A key, this strategy that will “include a participatory process” as emphasized by the Director General of the Senegalese Agency for Export Promotion (ASEPEX), Malick Diop, will be composed of several elements including a mapping of products and services, a detailed diagnosis of the sector, a mapping of the value chain, a summary examination of institutional support, a list of the main constraints in the sector, a definition of market orientations and strategic orientations, a detailed action plan with different levels of priorities for action.

The participants, during the official opening ceremony, highlighted the major obstacles that still hamper the development of the sector. Their names are: limited access to procurement opportunities for e-government initiatives, fragmented institutional support, lack of coordination, lack of international presence of Senegalese firms in key markets.

And for all these reasons, the National Coordinator of the Netherlands Fund for Support of the ICT Sector (NTF4), the Director General of ASEPEX, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce, the Vice President of the Organization ICT professionals (OPTIC) and all other stakeholders are convinced that a clear strategy is needed in a global context of competition and open markets. A committee should be set up on the second day, Wednesday, to validate the text that will serve as a compass for players to conquer the international market.


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