The American Fintech wants to mobilize $ 2 million to finance 150 Ivorian SMEs via Blockchain technology

Boubacar Diallo

Geneviève Exchange, a US-based Fintech specializing in venture capital, will mobilize $ 2 million to finance 150 Very Small Enterprises (TPE) and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with high potential in Côte d’Ivoire.

A beneficiary identification campaign will be organized with the help of local partners.

The selections will be made in various business sectors that will benefit from funding thanks to the Geneviève Exchange platform which is actually a crypto exchange using Blockchain technology. “Tokens (digital assets) can be exchanged on the Geneviève platform in a fraction of seconds. It will be possible to exchange bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency against the action of an Ivorian SME to finance “said Fabien Dureuil (photo), CEO of Geneviève Exchange. It is also planned to provide training in tax, legal and accounting.

The arrival of cryptocurrency services poses a set of challenges that are not always clearly addressed by the monetary system regulators. In some countries, particularly in East Africa, central bank officials have spent some time.

The position of the BCEAO or the Regional Council for Savings and Financial Markets is also unclear. There is a set of rules that governs the creation of electronic money, but they are mainly applications in the context of financial transactions via telephony.

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