Togolese company earns € 2.6 million to produce premium pineapple juice for the European market

Boubacar Diallo

Jus Délice, a Togolese company with a capital of approximately € 15,000 (exactly 10 million FCFA), created only in January 2017, has just raised € 2.6 million (1.7 billion FCFA) from the Moringa fund, private equity fund specializing in agroforestry projects in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.


This deal is the third ranking for the African compartment of the fund, created in particular at the initiative of the Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild (CBR), and supported by the African Development Bank (ADB).

Thanks to this partnership, which marks the entry of the Moringa fund into the capital of the Togolese company, Jus Délice will produce pure high quality pineapple juice, pressed from fresh organic pineapple. In the viewfinder, this “pure juice” Togolese pineapple juice, premium quality, targets the flourishing European market of natural and healthy fruit juices which currently represents more than 50% of world consumption. And whose annual growth is estimated at about 10%.

Moringa’s investment will allow, among other things, the construction of the most sophisticated juice processing unit in Togo. It will also target the development of the vast network of farmers using methods of organic farming with the support of Label d’Or, a Togolese company created in 2012, currently the main exporter of organic products.

Specifically, Jus Délice will benefit from a powerful network of producers bringing together more than 7,500 farmers organized into cooperatives and distributed in the pineapple, papayas, mangoes and oleaginous sectors.

With this new horizon, Jus Délice is endowing itself with the means to achieve its ambition: to become a leader in organic juice production in the region, as explained by Gustav Bakoundah, its CEO.

A vision shared globally on the part of investors: “Our goal is to make the company [Editor’s note: Jus Délice] a reference in terms of organic juice,” says Clement Chenost, investment director at Moringa.

As a reminder, every year, Togo produces 600 000 tons of pineapples, very popular on the world market.

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