Zazi Publishing Inc: Promoting Afro feather around the world

Boubacar Diallo

After two years of hard work, Zazi Publishing Inc, the new online publishing house in Cameroon officially opens its doors. Zazi Publishing is a publishing house established in the United States and operates only online. Composed of an all-African team with its head the founder, Viviane Nzie and co-founder Joseph Patrick Nkeng.

Launched on March 30, 2018, the main goal is not only to promote the Afro Feather in the world of publishing, but also to adapt their best manuscripts to the film world, Zazi Publishing comes to us as a new breath in the world of publishing not only African but international.

“With Zazi Publishing we aspire to bring afro literature on a Hollywood scale. Publishing houses are in abundance, African publishing houses there are a few less but publishing houses Zazi Publishing there is only one. Creativity and talent have never been lacking on the African continent, unfortunately they are more visible in the music industry or film. Many are those talents who breathe through their passion for writing but do not consider making it a job given the minimal chances of living from this art. The lack of supervision but especially accessible Afro publishing houses ready to give everyone a chance, is one of our motivations as a publishing house. “We entrust Zazi, author, founder and CEO of the company.

Zazi Publishing’s mission is to supervise and assist the authors of the deposit until the publication of their manuscript. Our advantage: unlike many other publishers, those whose manuscript is not retained will immediately be directed to the ‘Zazi Academy’, a special section set up to improve their style and refine their feather.

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