Trailer Story Leboncoin: The first C2C e-commerce website in France

Boubacar Diallo

Trailer Story Leboncoin

Welcome to Tech Generation , the 100% startups and high tech TV show by BBlack and AfrikaTech.

In this episode you will see the 1st website of consumer-to-consumer sales in France, leader in the automotive, real estate and employment markets.

With 28 million unique visitors per month (almost half of France), it is one of the favorite brands of French people who use it every day.

You guessed it. It’s Leboncoin. Here is its story… (you can activate the subtitles in English)

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Tech Generation is a TV show produced by AfrikaTech & BBlack, that presents startups and high tech trends (smartphones, drones, connected objects, virtual reality, consoles etc.) from African countries or the Diaspora.

Goal: stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of African and European youth.

TV show format: a 5 min short TV show, which tells the story of a startup.

Broadcast frequency: one episode per month.

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